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Spirit Airline

We accept service animals, or animals which are trained to provide a service to those with a disability. You will be asked at the airport to verify the service the animal provides. Additional Guidelines:

    1. The animal must remain with you at all times.
    2. If at any time the animal shows signs that it will cause a disruption in the cabin, it has not been trained to function as a service animal in a public setting, or any signs of aggression, it will not be allowed to travel. Examples of disruptive/aggressive behavior include, but are not limited to:
    3. Growling
    4. Lunging
    5. Barking which is not part of the animal’s training (e.g., to alert to a medical issue)
    6. Biting
    7. Jumping on other Guests
    8. Relieving itself onboard the aircraft or in the airport in any area other than a designated animal relief area
    9. Emitting a strong odo
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