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American Airlines

Emotional / psychiatric support and fully-trained service animals can fly in the cabin at no charge if:

  • They meet the requirements. Animals must be able to fit at your feet, under your seat or in your lap (animals to be seated on lap must be smaller than a 2-year old child). For safety reasons, you won’t be able to sit in an exit row when traveling with your service or emotional / psychiatric support animal.  Emotional support and service animals must be trained to behave properly in public and they won’t be permitted in the cabin if they display any form of disruptive behavior that can’t be successfully corrected or controlled, including but not limited to:
    1. Growling
    2. Biting or attempting to bite
    3. Jumping on or lunging at people  (If this behavior is observed at any point during your journey and isn’t corrected or controlled, the animal will be considered a pet and all pet requirements and applicable fees will apply).

Emotional support and service animals cannot:  

  1. Protrude into or block aisles
  2. Occupy a seat
  3. Eat from tray tables 

If your animal doesn’t fit within the allowed spaces, you may need to:

  1. Rebook on a flight with more open seats
  2. Buy a ticket for the animal
  3. Transport the animal as a checked pet

Trained service animals have been specifically trained to perform life functions for individuals with disabilities. Examples include animals that assist with:

  1. Visual impairments
  2. Deafness
  3. Seizures
  4. Mobility impairments

As the requirements for transporting each type of animal differ, our employees are trained to ask certain questions to determine the classification applicable to your animal.

  • Forms required for flights over 8 hrs with your service dog:

  • On flights over 8 hours, documentation is required stating your animal won’t need to relieve itself or can do so in a way that doesn’t create a health or sanitation issue.

Download and complete the Animal Sanitation Form 

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