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Service Dog

A Service Dog aids an individual with a disability. For example, alerting a hearing-impaired person to an alarm, guiding a visually impaired person around an obstacle, alerting to a seizure, panic prevention, PTSD assistance etc. Federal Law and the Americans with Disabilities Act requires full access to public places. Learn More…

Emotional Support Dog

An ESA Dog provides comfort and support for individuals with emotional disabilities. No training is required. ESA’s do have some public access rights like housing with no pet policies (a pet deposit cannot be charged or any additional fee). ESA’s are protected under the federal laws ACAA/FHA. Learn More…

Service Dog Info

Service Dog Facts, Advice, FAQ, Current Federal and State Laws, Housing & More...


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ESA Information

Emotional Support Animal Facts, Guide to Travel, Service Dog vs. ESA & More...

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For Over 15 years we have Been Providing 24hr. Support. We Pride Ourselves on Providing the Best Customer Service, Attention to Detail and Law Expertise.

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Your Dog Will Have a Profile that Can be Accessed By Scanning the QR Code on ID or Inputting Their Registration # on Search Portal

Airline Travel Guide

Airline Specific Guide to Travel. Plus Hud, ADA, Department of Transportation & Federal Register.

Hardship Assistance

Due to sponsorships and private donations, we are able to offer hardship assistance. For general qualification inquiries and registration requirements, please visit our contact form. Service Dog Certification of America recognizes a significant number of Americans have some form of disability and offers financial aid to those on disability that meet with our requirements. In New Mexico, where we are located, we train 4-5 service dogs a year for our free Service Dogs for the disabled program and make many recommendations to individuals who are interested in learning more concerning the training of your Service Dog. Contact Us to sponsor or if you have a potential client for our free Service Dogs for the disabled.

100% guarantee

We want you to be totally delighted with our service and so we are pleased to offer you this powerful guarantee –all products and services we provide for you will be of the highest quality. With over 25 years in the manufacturing of pet and service dog products we will provide you with the best documentation and quality goods possible all made in the USA. If you feel we have not delivered on our promise we will continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied. If we cannot rectify any issues, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


The following resources may help you develop a greater understanding of Service Dog Laws. There is much to discover! The following links will provide much information on Service Dog Laws in the United States including State Laws, Housing, Department of Transportation and the Americans With Disabilities Act. CLICK HERE for Service Dog Laws

Advantage of Repeat Clients

We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for counsel, allowing us to compile commonly asked questions, regarding service dogs in places of residence and business, including complimentary public and private transportation, airlines, hotels, bus, etc…CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions


Our mission at Service Dog is the protection of our Disabled clients though excellent expertise of Service Dog Law. Access to this service is offered to all Service Dogs in our program including access to our attorney which was previously with the Department of Justice. Please contact us through our contact form if you feel you have been discriminated against or have any questions.

Diverse Experience

We serve a wide range of clientele, and everyone of our Service Dogs is our #1 priority. Client relationship is valued greatly. Seldom engagements benefit the depth and breadth of our expertise.