What is a Service Dog?

According to the American Disabilities Act (federal) any dog assisting a person with a disability is considered a service dog. A Service Dog (companion dog) and its handler enjoys special protection. The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (Federal) enables people with physical and psychological needs the relief they require through the use of Service Dogs by assisting them with their daily activities. The handler and Service Dog are protected under this Federal Act which gives them equal access to anywhere the general public is allowed such as restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, taxis, and aircraft, as well as providing protection for handlers living in places “pets” are not generally allowed when the requirements and qualifications are met. Service Dog Certification of America’s online Service Dog registration informs you how to certify your service dog (canine helper). 


The need for Service Dogs has increased dramatically over the last few years. These service animals provide people with an increased quality of life through their assistance for your assistance in day-to-day activities. By properly identifying your service dog, you will be assured that your canine helper can accompany you whenever and wherever you may wish to go. A handler is protected under Federal law and cannot be charge any fee for an accompanying Service Dog, at any time and in all circumstances under Federal Law ie. pet rent at apartments, air fair, hotel fees etc. Our goal is to provide you with the all of the necessary tools to properly identify your canine as a Service Dog with 24hr. verification and Service Dog Law expertise.   

Common types of Services Dogs

Alarm Alert Dog
Allergy Detection Dog
Alzheimer’s Assistance Dog
Asthma Assistance Dog
Autism Assistance Dog
Balance Assistance Dog
Balance Support Dog
Brace/Mobility Support Dog

Crowd Control Dog
Dementia Assistance Dog
Diabetes Alert Dog
Emergency Phone Retriever
Dog Guide Dog
Hearing Alert Dog
K-9 Rescue Dog
Medical Assistance Dog

Medication Aid Dog
Migraine Alert Dog
Mobility Aid Dog
Narcolepsy Alert Dog
Narcolepsy Response Dog
Panic Attack Dog
(deep pressure therapy)
Panic Prevention Dog

Parkinson Assistance Dog
Psychiatric Service Dog
PTSD Service Dog
Security Alert Dog
Security Assistance Dog
Sedation Alert Dog
Seizure Alert Dog
Seizure Response Dog

Severe Allergy Alert Dog
Speech Impairment Tasks
Speech Impairment-
Assistance Dog
Smoke Alert Dog
Visual Assistance Dog
Wheelchair Assistance Dog

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